Text & illustrations: Susie Nielsen
Editor: La courte échelle
ISBN 9782897743895
Published in 2021
Format: Softback
Size:  14 x 21 cm
Pages: 317 pages
11 years old and up

Wilbur has two very protective mothers, which is a lot. And two friends, which is not much. Especially since one of them, Alex, spends most of his time with Fabrizio, his new lover, and the other, Sal, is his eighty-year-old neighbor. In addition, an embarrassing event two years ago has made Wilbur the eternal target of mockery; we can understand that his self-esteem is fragile. Things don't get better when Wilbur falls in love with Charlie, the Parisian teenager he welcomes as part of a student exchange, especially as his feelings are not mutual. When it's his turn to fly to Paris, morale is at its lowest. Sal, Alex and Fabrizio then do everything they can to make Wilbur finally trust each other.


French language