MR. COLOSTOMY — by Matthew Thurber
MR. COLOSTOMY — by Matthew Thurber MR. COLOSTOMY — by Matthew Thurber MR. COLOSTOMY — by Matthew Thurber

Text & illustrations: Matthew Thurber
Editor: Drawn & Quarterly
ISBN 9781770465473
Published in March 2022
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224 pages

Are we not all criminals—eating our take-out, foraging for mushrooms, lapping at puddles?

What happens when sleep becomes commodified? What if all the people at your local café were piloting drone strikes? What is the hidden cost and darkness of the society we must all engage with? Mr. Colostomy opens up cans of worms faster than they can restock the Goya on your bodega shelves. Who is Mr. Colostomy? Why, he’s a manifestation of a searching consciousness, a marginally employable horse detective who sleeps outside, standing up. As he attempts to unravel a ridiculous plot that follows the disappearance of a couple of brats who turn into atomic particles after sundown, Mr. Colostomy remains always alien, a mutant mustang, an eccentric equus who might just be trying to make a buck in Babytown, the Babylon built by babes—or, is a more sinister plot a-hoof?

The surreal comedy of Mr. Colostomy is enhanced by Thurber’s process of creating the comic through parapraxis, meaning with no forethought or pencilling. This comic honours the mistake as the desired or hidden expression of the unconscious. All that matters is that the comic is funny or real or neither! All comics were created in a public space in order to “swim in” or “feel” the audience.

English language