NORI — par Rumi Hara
NORI — par Rumi Hara NORI — par Rumi Hara NORI — par Rumi Hara

Texte et illustrations : Rumi Hara
Éditeur : Drawn & Quarterly

Langue anglaise
ISBN 9781770463974
Reliure : Couverture souple
Taille : 6,6 x 8,4

228 pages
Couleurs : illustrations en noir et blanc avec des taches de couleurs.

A dulcet debut capturing a touching relationship between the spirited Nori and her grandma

Ignatz nominated and MoCCA Arts Festival Award-winning cartoonist Rumi Hara invites you to visit her magical world. Nori (short for Noriko) is a spirited three-year-old girl who lives with her parents and grandmother in the suburbs of Osaka during the 1980s. While both parents work full-time, her grandmother is Nori’s caregiver and companion—forever following after Nori as the three year old dashes off on fantastical adventures.