OUR LADY OF MILE END — par Sarah Gilbert

Texte et illustrations : Sarah Gilbert
Éditeur : Anvil Press

ISBN : 9781772142143
Format : 5 po x 8 po
Finition : Couverture souple
224 pages

Langue anglaise

« Our Lady of Mile End is a neighbourhood of stories about gentrification and displacement in a once affordable area that is feeling the squeeze of social and cultural transformation.

The overlapping lives—of girls and women, tenants and landlords, neighbours and strangers, the old generation and the next—chart the tensions and affections among people living in a community that has turned into a destination. Artists clean the homes of more affluent neighbours to make ends meet; a college professor bumps up against trigger warnings, cancel culture and privilege. As children confront the dark corners of the adult world, another generation reckons with their home turf shifting under their feet. This is an era of uncertainty, and sometimes menace, where the lack of privacy evokes village life. Yet when everything seems precarious, a neighbour who’s paying attention may make all the difference, reminding us that connection is still possible.»