ST. JOHN'S CORONATION SOUVENIR MAP 36" X 24" — by Raymond Biesinger

Art print

St. John's Coronation Souvenir Map
Format: 36 x 24 inches

On the 12th of May 1937 George VI and Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne of the Empire, and three dozen or so St. John's businesses thought it a great time to pool their advertising dollars and make this sweet two-colour map. George and Elizabeth are at top centre, the map is by city engineer W. P. Ryan, and my favourite ad is for H. J. Thomas & Son contractors and builders, who are bragging about having made Cabot Tower in 1901. Second place goes to the "Bert Guzzwell, Direct Importer & General Dealer in Heavy Duty Horses." This reproduction includes a half inch margin.

Printed in Montreal on high quality white cougar paper

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