Natural Wood – 12 INCHES
Natural Wood – 12 INCHES Natural Wood – 12 INCHES

Wooden magnetic hangers to frame posters, art prints, and pictures.

These poster hangers are handcrafted and are available in different size. Each set includes four sticks, two that clamp the top of the canvas and two that clamp the bottom. Strong neodymium magnets are embedded into each stick, which securely grip your artwork, but allow you to easily change out the art whenever you want. include three string options for you to choose from: faux leather cord, brown jute twine, and white cotton twine.

Sizes available: 
8 inches (good for our vertical 8x10 inches posters)
12 inches (good for our vertical 11x14 inches posters)
14 inches (good for our horizontal 14x11 inches posters)
19 inches (good for our 18 inches posters)