Learn about Open Access!

The majority of scientific journals are owned by an oligopoly of publishers that decides subscription fees. The high costs are even more problematic given that neither the authors nor reviewers of these articles are remunerated. Digital media has made possible the emergence of an alternative mode of publishing scholarly knowledge, known as open access.

Microfiches is the encyclopedic project where art encounters knowledge.
Each collection is comprised of 10 to 15 cards presenting key elements of a subject. The texts are written by a renowned specialist and visually interpreted by an artist. This textual and visual content is printed on cards and declined on a variety of other printed and digital medium.

ILLUSTRATOR: Marc Larivière
TEXT: Olivier Charbonneau and Vincent Larivière

Size: 3,5 x 2,5 inches
Printed in Montréal, Canada

Available in French and English