Josie Daisy's ceramic plant pot are elegant yet are hand-turned into fun and original shapes that will elevate any decor. Forget about the boring under plate that comes with your traditional terracotta plant pot, the reservoir for excess water is perfectly integrated in these designs. The artist also has developed unique colours for the Paperole shop and we are very proud of the result! We hope you will love them as much as we do. 

— Dimensions (D x H): 5.5" x 6"
— Material: Ceramic (Terracotta)
— Cleaning and maintenance: Wipe with a damp clot

About the designer:

After her bachelor’s degree in visual arts, in Nova Scotia, Josianne Desrochers embarked on a multitude of artistic residencies across the world. It was during her last residency in Hungary that she discovered pottery, an side of ceramics unknown to her sculptural practice.

Fascinated by the potential of creating objects that will become part of people's intimacy and everyday life, she pursued this new love, in Montreal, while juggling three jobs. Over the evenings spent with YouTube in her eyes and clay in her hands, JOSIE DAISY finally sees the light of day and is now able to offer ceramic objects that combine art and functionality.

 Made in Montréal