ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR
ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #1 — by HEAR

Publisher: Les Éditions 2024

French language

* 96 four-color pages modified on Holmen Book Extra 2.0
* 26.5 x 38.5cm
* Soft cover
* ISBN 978-2-901000-64-8

Éditions 2024
Les Éditions 2024 is a publishing house based in Strasbourg, France.

For several years, the illustration workshop of the HEAR of Strasbourg shines: many authors and stimulating authors passed on its benches.

The role of the workshop is to support students in an autonomous and singular creative process, to lead them to develop a personal and committed author's work: to refine their technical mastery, but also to build a conceptual thought in connection with their convenient.

Set to music by Élie Partouche, coordinated by Salomé Risler and Guillaume Chauchat, ÉCLAT offers a panorama, at a given moment, of this workshop. 71 young artists propose an image; three critical analyzes resulting from the study day Avec Éclat organized by Joseph Béhé and Olivier Deloignon around fragmentary narration, are also presented: the articulation between theoretical and practical research, at the heart of the teaching, structures this bubbling opus carried by the De Traits et d'esprit laboratory with the support of the DGCA (Ministry of Culture).

ÉCLAT, annual review of the illustration workshop, is published by HEAR and distributed by Éditions 2024.

Published in France. Printed in Italy