Le jeu DINGO-DINO — by L’école des loisirs

From the universe of Raphaël Fejtö

French instructions

Diplodocus, tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor… Funny names for funny giant lizards! And why not trompetosaurus or doudousaurus? Exactly ! Become a crazy paleontologist and imagine new specimens to make your friends guess! Draw, describe and collect dinosaur eggs!

A game full of humor and imagination to growl with laughter! Grrroar!

To know more:


  • 25 “Dinosaur” cards

  • 30 “DingObject” cards

  • 36 “Egg” tokens

  • 1 slate, 1 marker

10 minutes game
2 to 4 players
4 years +

By L’école des loisirs