MAGIC — Issue 25 (5-10 years)

Bilingual magazine for kids, created and printed in Montréal.

Issue 25: MAGIC

English and French

John Peters’ day is not going as planned. One could even say that things are getting a bit… magical! You want to know why? Quickly, open your magazine to read his story! In this issue, you will also find magic tricks to perform with paper, a magic hat you can make, an interview with a jay who fancies himself a magician, and images that come to life as if by magic all through the pages.

Nathanaël Brelin
Julien Boisseau
Nátali De Mello
Émilie Proulx
Léo Righini-Fleur

Juliette Césarine
Catherine Ouellet-Cummings
Anne-Sophie Tilly