Raymay Swingcut Scissors - Titanium Coated — by Good Design

Winner of the 2014 Good Design Award and the ISOT 2014 award
in the Functionality category.

The Raymay Swingcut Scissors feature an innovative design that allows for easier, more effortless cutting with his off-center pivot point.

– Stronger cutting force with less effort. This design also has the convenient effect that the upper handle acts as a separator, pushing what you've cut out of the way of your hands.

– Soft elastomer padding has been strategically placed at the contact points where the handles touch when closed, softening the impact of cutting and reducing noise.

Three blade types are available:

  • Titanium coated: Stainless steel blades are titanium coated to provide 3 times the durability of uncoated stainless steel, making these ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Made in Japan