STAR — Issue 20 (5-10 years)

Bilingual magazine for kids, created and printed in Montréal.

Issue 20: STAR

English and French

Did you know that the birth of a star can be compared to building a snowman? That the sun takes a month to rotate on its axis? And that it can fit 5 billion times in UY Scuti, the largest star in the universe? 
Discover all this and more in this issue of Grilled Cheese. On the agenda: two Canadian scientists who are real go-getters, the fascinating world of starfish, surprising tidbits, and the story of a lucky star. Enjoy!

Akorana (Isabelle Deprez)
Julien Boisseau
Lucie Le Touze
Nikkie Stinchcombe
Tiff Bartel
Warren Goodwin

Anne-Sophie Tilly
Hélène Mallette
Henri Boisseau Ouellet
Marianne Prairie
Sara Mazrouei
Sophie Labelle