THE JOY OF QUITTING — by Keiler Roberts
THE JOY OF QUITTING — by Keiler Roberts THE JOY OF QUITTING — by Keiler Roberts THE JOY OF QUITTING — by Keiler Roberts

Text and illustrations: Keiler Roberts
Editor: Drawn and Quarterly

ISBN 9781770466227
Published in October 2022
Format: Softcover
Size:  6.5" x 8.5"
264 pages

From toddler antics to doctor appointments, Keiler Roberts breathes humour and life into the fleeting present

Keiler Roberts affirms her status as one of the best autobiographical cartoonists working today with The Joy of Quitting, a work encompassing 8 years of hilarious moments in the author’s life, mined from the universal. It spans her frantic child-rearing, misfires in the workplace, and frustrating experiences with the medical system.

In one strip, the author and her daughter Xia have itchy scalps. Roberts asks her husband to check her hair and all she gets is the cursory remark that he just sees “a bunch of bugs.” In another, Xia describes her oddly shaped poop in precise detail. We then see Xia sitting at the breakfast table telling the family that she recently learned the word “nuisance” and everyone agrees it’s a good word for her to know. As Xia grows from toddler to big kid, the family evolves and its dynamics shift in subtle ways, changes that pass all too suddenly in real life captured forever with Roberts’s keen observational humour.

The Joy of Quitting is Roberts’ magnum opus of domestic comedy, highlighting how she continues to work within and expand the rich tradition of autobiographical comics. Again and again, Roberts shows us that most meaningful moments or gestures often don’t have any meaning at all.

English language