Paperole is a Montréal-based publisher of stationery and paper goods.

We create the various PAPEROLE collections in collaboration with renowned and emerging illustrators and artists carefully selected by the sharp eye of Jacinthe Pilote, our Creative Director.

We produce endearing, cheerful and unique collections that can be appreciated by all. Striving to inspire people, PAPEROLE stimulates the desire to grab a piece of paper and pencils, stop time and create exchanges by way of an illustration, a wish or a thought.

We always take care to cultivate relationships with our collaborators and suppliers. From the perspective of social responsibility and sustainable development, we work with local suppliers and print our cards and posters on FSC paper.

Our cards are printed in Montréal, Canada on FSC-certified uncoated paper.

Paperole’s story

“I’ve always loved stationery and exchanging letters. When I was a child, my parents reserved a room in the house for me so that I could spend my free time creating with my friend my very first studio named Les ateliers plume en vol. While other kids were selling lemonade, I was selling handmade cards and notebooks at the booth I managed.

This love for paper goods naturally lead me to pursue studies in plastic arts and graphic design. After graduation, the numerous collaborations with several illustrators on different projects have never ended to this day.

It was through correspondence with a childhood friend who has been living abroad for several years now that the desire to create a collection of cards was rekindled. Because I take pleasure in choosing a card for a loved one, my goal was to steer away from email and to return to the much more personal and touching aspect of correspondence.

This led me to gather friends, collaborators, illustrators and designers to help me create original images for PAPEROLE’s various collections.

Jacinthe Pilote, editor and founder