DO / INHABITAT: Style your space for a creative and considered life. — by Sue Fan & Danielle Quigley

by The Do Book Company

English language

Author: Sue Fan & Danielle Quigley
Format: Softcover
Size: 123 x 127 mm
Pages: 128 pages
ISBN: 9781452180274

Well-being starts at home. In Do Inhabit, Sue Fan and Danielle Quigley, cofounders of interior design company Wild Habit, share their advice for styling a home full of beauty, tranquility, and warmth—a space that promotes health and happiness. Here are sections with simple tips for creating a unified aesthetic, styling with natural elements, and showcasing personal mementos, plus tons of inspiring photos of thoughtfully designed interiors. With advice for every type of space—whether it's a small apartment, a multistory house, or a cozy cabin—you wouldn't believe so much inspiration could be offered in such a smart little package. Do Inhabit makes it easy to create a warm and welcoming home.

Sue Fan is a photographer and stylist. She lives in New York City.

Danielle Quigley is a photographer and designer based in Southern California.