ÉCLAT #3 — by HEAR
ÉCLAT #3 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #3 — by HEAR ÉCLAT #3 — by HEAR

Publisher: Les Éditions 2024

French language

* 32 pages in modified four-color on Holmen Book Extra 2.0
* 26.5 x 38.5cm
* Soft cover
* ISBN 978-2-38387-053-1

Éditions 2024
Les Éditions 2024 is a publishing house based in Strasbourg, France.


Our images as a doorway to ourselves, our drawings as a skin to protect us from the world, as a body in our place...

ÉCLAT is the annual magazine of the Illustration workshop at Strasbourg's Haute école des arts du Rhin, which students are invited to take up every year.

This year's issue focuses on gender expression. Illustrations and images of all kinds, quotations and extracts from memoirs, question social discourse and representations, reflecting the concerns and struggles we face.

In this way, the third issue of ÉCLAT is a graphic and textual exploration of the intimate conception of the self, ranging from the representation of bodies to sensitive images of lived experience.

This issue includes 2 fold-out posters (55x76cm).

ÉCLAT, the illustration workshop's annual magazine, is published by HEAR and distributed by Editions 2024.

Published and printed in France