ROSA PARKS - La courte échelle
ROSA PARKS - La courte échelle ROSA PARKS - La courte échelle

Text: Lisbeth Kaiser
Illustrations: Marta Antelo
Editor: La courte échelle

French language

ISBN 9782897741457
Released on May 2018
20 cm x 24 cm
32 pages — Hardcover
5+ years

As a child, Rosa Parks was already sensitive to the injustices blacks suffered in the southern United States. While whites took the bus to their big school, she had to walk miles to get to his tiny one. The calm but determined woman gained fame for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on the bus, as the law of the day required. His gesture served as the trigger for a large-scale movement: the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks is an important figure in the fight against racial segregation in public places.

Supported by colorful and vivid illustrations, the album From Small to Large, Rosa Parks addresses important and necessary themes such as equal rights and self-respect.