The Kokuyo Saxa scissors are a versatile cutting tool designed for efficiency and ease of use. Equipped with "hybrid arch" blades, these scissors boast the ability to effortlessly cut through a range of materials, including regular printer paper, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes. The innovative curved design of the blades ensures a widening angle towards the tips, allowing for seamless cutting at both the base and tips without requiring additional force.

Enhancing user experience, a resin ring at the pivot point enables smooth and easy opening and closing of the blades. To combat the common issue of sticky buildup when cutting through tape, small ridges on the inner surfaces of the blades minimize contact with sticky materials. Additionally, a non-stick fluorine coating on the stainless steel blades serves a dual purpose by preventing sticky residue from adhering to the blades and providing resistance against rust and dirt.

The scissors prioritize user comfort with their spacious and ergonomic handles, providing ample room for multiple fingers. For safety and storage, a protective cap securely covers the blades when not in use. In summary, the Kokuyo Saxa scissors offer a combination of advanced features, making them a reliable and user-friendly tool for various cutting tasks.

Measures: 30 cm

Made in China