THE LITTLE BOOK OF ICK — by  Kitty Winks and Anna Burtt
THE LITTLE BOOK OF ICK — by  Kitty Winks and Anna Burtt THE LITTLE BOOK OF ICK — by  Kitty Winks and Anna Burtt

Text: Carina Maggar
Illustrations: Anna Burtt
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

English language

ISBN 9781399603218
Format: Hard Cover
Size: 158 x 112mm
Pages: 128

· When they mistime a beat drop in the car
· When their toenail scrape you in bed
· When they sit at a bar stool and their feet hang awkwardly
· When they run out of what they want to order in a restaurant and they say, 'I was really looking forward to that' ...

You've been dating someone for a while and you notice something about them that turns your stomach. That's the 'ick' - it might be something weird or unremarkable, it might even be something you do yourself. Whatever it is, once you've got the ick there's no going back from it and, for better or worse, it's onto the next swipe.

The Little Book of Ick is a celebration of the dating phenomenon that plagues millions. Split into chapters that chart all the stages of finding love, this book is a collection of 500 hilarious icks: some you'll have already encountered, all ready for you to use when you need to get over someone - qu-ick-ly!

Cutting, relatable, witty, sharp - The Book of Ick will reassure you it's fine to be fussy, it might even soothe your future heartbreak ... or just make you laugh on the loo.

About the Author

Kitty Winks is one of Instagram's sassiest book bloggers, known for her brutally honest opinions and refusal to conform to the norm. Like many respectable Gen Zs, Kitty now works at a tech startup after having previously worked as a bookseller and museum guide