WENDY — by Walter Scott
WENDY — by Walter Scott WENDY — by Walter Scott

Text & illustrations: Walter Scott
Editor: Drawn & Quarterly

English language

ISBN 9781770464841
Published in July 2021
Format: Paperback
Size:  17 x 23 cm
Pages: 216 pages

Wendy’s an aspiring artist in a party city, and she’s in a rut. She spends her time snorting MDMA in gallery bathrooms and watching Nurse Jackie reruns on her laptop while hungover. So when she’s accepted into the prestigious Flojo Island residency, Wendy vows to buckle down and get working. But during the remote, woodsy residency, Wendy and her collaborator/BFF Winona put on a performance piece that becomes the centre of an art world controversy, and so Wendy returns to Montreal, getting a job in a coffee shop to make ends meet.